Why you should spray paint your car with myTukar

Spray painting your car isn’t just an aesthetic choice. A good paint job protects the car’s body from rust and other damage that could compromise the safety of the driver and passengers. That is why at myTukar, we do not make any compromises. With only the best materials and techniques, we make all our myTukar Certified cars as good as new.

And with a 25% discount on all paint jobs, now is your chance to refresh your car and get your own myTukar quality paint job! Not convinced? Here are three reasons you should get a paint job with myTukar:

High-quality body preparation

Before a car is repainted, the body needs to be perfectly smooth. Our team uses a paint thickness gauge to measure the thickness of the paint. They also carefully examine the body for defects, which they mark with a marker pen. This is so they identify the problem areas to be smoothed out so our expert painters can apply paint without issue.

Once the examination is complete, any imperfections, such as dents and dings, are knocked out as much as possible until the body is level. In areas that cannot be completely smoothed out, putty is used to level the car body by filling in cracks and dings.

Now, to ensure the surface is fully even, a primer is applied as the undercoat for the paint. The surface is then dry sanded which removes excess material and rust to create a perfectly smooth finish. Not even deep scratches will remain after a professional dry sanding! Dry sanding is superior to wet sanding as it uses no liquid which is crucial as moisture can react with paint during and after application, creating imperfections like bubbles.

Quality Japanese paint

At myTukar, we only use the best paint available, and that is Nippon Paint. Yes, Nippon Paint also makes automotive paint with the same diligence and quality they are known for! With Nippon Paint, myTukar guarantees the finest coatings to provide both good looks and protection, enhancing your car’s lifespan.

Even so, the paint has to be first produced to specification, be it the original car’s colour or the owner’s preferred colour. To ensure an exact match, we will first complete colour matching. Our in-house paint experts do this by mixing small amounts of paint and comparing them to the requested colour. This is done repeatedly until the test batch perfectly matches the requested colour. Only then does our expert produce an entire batch of paint for application.

Japanese techniques

Our guiding philosophy here at the Refurbishment Centre is to use state-of-the-art technology and proven techniques to breathe new life into every car – Yamasan

But the best paint in the world means nothing if it is not used correctly. This is why Jumpei Yamamoto, Head of Reconditioning, ensures that every car is spray painted to his exacting standards. Yamasan, as he is referred to affectionately by his staff, is responsible for training myTukar’s refurbishment team in Japanese techniques and technology.

Having spent over 25 years in the industry, Yamasan has accumulated a wealth of experience at companies like Mitsubishi Motors, Rock Paint Co. Ltd. and even as a civil servant teaching painting techniques at the Advanced Technical College Painting Course. It is this knowledge and experience Yamasan shares with his subordinates that elevates myTukar’s work ethic and techniques. His rigorous training is reflected in how paint is expertly produced and applied.

Yamasan checking paint
Yamasan checking the colour of the paint he just mixed as a member of staff looks on.

The paint job is done expertly and thoroughly with precision and focus, first applying the base coat prepared earlier. The clear coat is then applied to protect the base coat from scratches and UV light. At each stage, our experts move steadily and smoothly to ensure an even layer is applied to the car.

Spray painting a car

To maintain strict quality control and ensure every car meets expectations, Yamasan also routinely performs checks on cars, ensuring that every car is spray painted to perfection.

The result: a car that looks As Good As New

And that is how myTukar marries quality preparation, Japanese paint, and hard-learned techniques to spray paint and deliver cars that look as good as new.

Looks good doesn’t it? Now is your chance to refresh your car and get your own myTukar quality paint job and save up to 25% in discounts! If you’re shopping for a car that is as good as new, check out our inventory of myTukar Certified cars and stand a chance to win RM3000 in cash vouchers!

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