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Why You should get a Proton X70 in 2021

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The Compact Crossover SUV was first launched on 12th December 2018, which raised Proton’s game in the automotive industry. Its features and designs was overhauled with new ones which are derived from the previous Geely Boyue. In other words, the X70 is the facelifted version of Boyue and was previously assembled overseas “Completely Built-up” (CBU) from China and gradually in 2020, became locally assembled locally “Complete Knocked Down” (CKD).


Grey Proton X70
Source : Proton


There are four variants of the Proton X70: Standard 2WD, Executive 2WD, Premium 2WD, Premium X 2WD. All four come with 1.8 Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (TGDi) technology, allowing car owners to experience a fuel-efficient (with a max torque power of 300Nm) drive on the road. Besides that, each one of them is configured with 4-cylinders and 16 valve Dual Overhead Camshafts (DOHC) that enable better airflow and higher engine speeds. It’s well-paired with a 7-speed built-in automatic transmission (with swift manual mode). You won’t be disappointed with the car’s performance.

Safety & Security

All variants are equipped with 6 SRS airbags, an anti-lock braking system, a traction control system, electronic stability control, anti-theft alarm, and hill hold & decent control. However, the Premium 2WD and Premium X 2WD offer Advanced Safety Assist Technologies (ADAS), which will ensure the safety of the driver and passengers more insured. ADAS includes Automated Emergency Braking (AEB), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), Intelligent High Beam Control (IHBC) and many more. Nevertheless, all variants are backed up by the 5-star assessment given by ASEAN NCAP

Proton x70 safety
Source : Proton

For front parking sensors, the Executive comes with 2 sensors while both Premium 2WD and Premium X 2WD come with 4 whereas the standard has none. As for the rear parking sensors, all four variants have 4. For extra safety measures, the Executive, Premium 2WD and Premium X 2WD have 360-camera installed. Your surroundings will reflect through the infotainment screen – very handy when you’re going to park your car in a tight space.

Lights and Sensors

There are 6 available colors for both Premium 2WD and Premium X 2WD. However, the Standard 2WD comes in 3 colors whereas the Executive, 5. From the Executive 2WD to Premium X 2WD, their projector headlamps, daytime and fog lamps are made out of LED. Automatic functions are applied to both headlamps and front wipers (self-adjusts according to the rainfall intensity) – useful if it’s pouring and you’ve forgotten to switch either of both on.

Proton X70 tailgate
Source : Proton

Groceries can be heavy at times, especially if you’re doing two weeks’ worth of it (leaving you with no hands to open the car’s trunk. Not to worry, it detects foot movement. Lightly kick the bumper area and Voila, it’s open! Of course, it closes too!


Seats & Air-conditioning

You may have long journeys on the road (road trips or business-related). With that said, having a good interior setup is essential, especially having good ventilated seats and air-conditioning when driving. Furthermore, the air-conditioning is complemented with the built-in air purifier system. Making sure you’re breathing fresh air all the way!

Proton X70 Interior
Source : Proton

Both Premium 2WD and Premium X 2WD driver’s seat has 6-way power and 2-way Lumbar. The passenger seat also has a ‘boss switch’ that allows seat adjustments for more legroom. Whereas the Executive only comes with a 6-way power driver seat. Unfortunately, the Standard doesn’t provide such flexible front & passenger seat adjustments.


One of the noteworthy features it has is the Proton Link App (Car Intelligence System). You can monitor and operate your car without being present such as unlocking your car if you’ve forgotten your key fob. If you’re walking towards your car alone at night – you can switch on the car’s lights from a distance. You can even roll down the windows for ventilation.

Proton X70 App link
Source : Proton

You can’t leave out the car’s infotainment that allows you to be in touch with different features. All variants come with an 8″ touchscreen monitor, patched up with online functionalities such as navigation, music streaming, weather forecast, Bluetooth, 4G & Wi-Fi. If you’re focused on the road and wish to change the music, you’ll be able to change it through voice command. Most importantly, you’ll get to enjoy the music with the above-average built-in speakers. The Premium 2WD and the Premium X 2WD have 9 speakers with a power amplifier and subwoofer – you’ll be able to indulge in an immersive experience throughout your drive. 

Panaromic Sunroof

If you’re getting the Premium X 2WD, you can head to any popular meteor shower spot to enjoy the starry sky through the Panoramic Sunroof. Who knows, you might even witness a shooting star through the view!

Get a Used Proton X70 from myTukar!

With so many great features, it’s no surprise that Proton is a popular car brand in the market equal to Honda, Toyota and others. You’d also think the price tag will be terrifying. However, the Premium X 2WD currently costs RM 122,800. Imagine the prices for the other versions! Undoubtedly, the Proton X70 is the best catch you can get in the market. If it’s still off your budget, you can opt for a suitable loan to buy one.

Don’t feel like buying a new Proton X70? Why not get a used one instead? myTukar is just what you’re looking for!

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