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Why is my Car Aircond not Cold?

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It’s no surprise that most car owners have “some” problems with their cars during the pandemic, especially the inability to send the car for regular servicing. Just recently, Malaysia declared most states to be in Phase 3 National Recovery Plan (NRP); the excitement in the community is apparent. You can see the streets are becoming more lively. 

Just when you things are going well, you start your car and this happens. The aircond doesn’t seem to get cold! Even after 15 minutes! Thus, leaving you searching for answers on why this is happening.

Here’s some reasons why you’re aircond is not circulating cold air:

Car Aircond Not Cold?

car aircond not cold


If you still can feel a slight cold coming out from the aircond, you probably need to refill the refrigerant. You can quickly refill it yourself but if you’re afraid you’ll make a mess, you can get it done by a professional.


Ever wonder how cold air gets blown into your car? It’s with the help of a refrigerant fluid. If you feel your car aircond is not cold, it’s best to check if there is any leakage. Having a refrigerant leakage can be a major issue. These leakages can be challenging to detect as they may be from a damaged hose or a loose gasket. Worst is, the refrigerant fluid evaporates instantly when it comes into contact with air – making it even more challenging.

It’s best to have your car checked by your trusted mechanic because the refrigerant fluid contains harmful chemicals that may harm you if exposed. Mechanics are equipped with specialized tools to study the refrigerant pressure and detect if there is any leakage. Not to forget, they are knowledgeable in handling harmful chemicals. Once the leakage is detected, it’s best to get it fixed. You can then enjoy the cool breeze while you drive without worrying about sweating behind the wheel!


A compressor is a system that circulates the refrigerant fluid. If it’s not working, there won’t be any cold air coming in any time later. One of the common reasons it’s not working is due to the lack of usage. In this case, the Movement Control Order (MCO) comes into the picture. After being dormant for quite some time and suddenly using it will shock the system. The next thing you know, you’re at the workshop.

Once it’s fixed, it’s advisable to start your car and blast your aircond for at least 20 minutes at least once a week to sustain the compressor’s lifespan.

Condenser & Fan Malfunction

The purpose of a condenser is to compress the hot refrigerant and re-circulate it into cold air. There are cases where the condenser gets blocked, disrupting the refrigerant cooling process. If not solved, you’ll only be getting heated air. However, if you’ve found no blockage at the condenser – you can assume it’s broken and needs fixing (maybe even a replacement).

Another issue related to the condenser is its cooling fans. Your condenser will not produce cold air if the fans are not in proper working condition. In most cases, fans broke down due to debris accumulation or electrical issues. If it’s just debris, you may have a chance to save it yourself but if it’s electrical-related – it’s best to leave it to the professionals.


There may be a blown fuse or malfunction switches which may cause problems to your aircond. No worries, it can easily fixed if addressed immediately. However, it may affect other parts of the aircond system if left unattended for an extended period. If you’re too late, you’ll need to prepare your wallet to change the whole aircond system.

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