Unlock Your Ride with Only RM1!

We’ve no doubt you’ve gotten some pretty good deals for a low price. But have you ever booked a car for only RM1? For only RM1, you can now book your dream car! Unlock your ride with myTukar right now and enjoy 1 year free service, 1 year extended warranty, 5 days money back guaranteed, rewards worth RM3,800,  and many more. 

1 Year Free Service

When buying any car, one needs to know that you would need to do the Preventive Maintenance Service. This is so your car can remain in tip-top condition and you can enjoy a smooth and hassle free drive.

And the servicing cost could be hefty, which is why at myTukar, we provide 1 year of free service to any car bought with myTukar. So you do not have to fret about how much to spend and where to get your car serviced. You can just come to us and we will take care the rest! Your used car maintenance journey would be absolutely hassle free.

1 Year Extended Warranty

Most if not all brand new cars comes with warranty package, the car manufacturer’s promise to help pay for replacement parts or covered repairs during your specified warranty period. If the parts covered by a warranty breaks on it’s own, it will be replaced free of charge.

And that is the reason why most car owners opt for a rather expensive new car instead of choosing to buy a used car as buying used car does not come with the much needed warranty package. However, the revolutionary myTukar provides a one-year Extended Warranty for all cars purchased from us. How great is that! Be worry-free as we got you covered with the warranty package.

5 Days Money Back Guaranteed

When you go car shopping, you get a five-minute test drive opportunity and you have to decide if you want to buy the car or not. If you decided to buy the car then change your mind, there is nothing you can do about it.

Unfortunately, you will have to live with your decision although the car that doesn’t fit you best. With myTukar’ 5 days money back guaranteed benefit, you don’t have to settle for that. You can simply return your car within 5 Days after completing the purchase, with full payment refund or you can swap with a better suited car.

Rewards worth RM3,800

When you buy a car with myTukar you don’t just drive home a car. You will also drive away with rewards up to RM3,800. That is why buying a car with myTukar is unique, we don’t just sell cars, we enhance car ownership experience.


RM1 Booking Fee Promotion

We’ve no doubt you’ve gotten some pretty good deals for a low price. But have you ever booked a car for only RM1? If you’re looking to buy a car, we have good news! You can now unlock your new ride with a booking fee of only RM1.

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime offer and book your dream ride for only RM1! Make your booking between 7th – 30th September to enjoy extra sweet deals!

With myTukar, all you need is ONE Ringgit. Think about it, with one ringgit you can maybe buy ice cream or a burger or even book a car with myTukar.

What are you waiting for! Visit our website, Shopee and Lazada to unlock your ride with only RM1!

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