Top Questions to Ask when Buying a Used Car

Buying a car

Unlike a brand new car, a used car has many unknowns. Here are the top questions to ask when you’re buying a used car in Malaysia:

Driving Habits

odometre used car
An odometre showing the mileage of the car.

The mileage of a car is an important indicator of the wear and tear a car experiences. This number can easily be found by simply looking at the odometre. However, the odometre can be tampered with. The best way to get around that is to ask for the previous owner’s driving habits. Low mileage can easily be explained by a driver that does not use the car often. If the driver drives often but the odometre is suspiciously low, something fishy may be afoot.

Accident History

The car’s accident history will help you determine the car’s value, and if the car is worth buying. Not to mention it could draw your attention to any potential safety issues.

Service Record

Service Record used car

It would be ideal if you could get your hands on the service records. Through the service record, you can find accurate information on the car. For example, you can check how frequently the car is maintained. A well-kept service record will provide accurate information on the mileage, accident history, and a clear picture of the car’s condition. Armed with this information, you can roughly determine the value of the car.

See the Car

Always ask to see the car. No matter how much information you have, it is not as good as seeing the car yourself. Do not stop at photos as they can be taken at flattering angles and seeing it in person can reveal flaws photos might not. Not to mention that some time might have elapsed between the last service and when you see the car.

Test Drive

Car driving

Always ask to test drive the car. By getting a test drive, you can get a feel of the car. You can feel if it is comfortable, and if the car has any underlying problems.


Lastly, you should ask the price. Armed with all the information from the questions above, you would be able to make your own decision and determine if the car is worth buying.

How myTukar helps

myTukar asks all these top questions for you when buying a used car! We collect all the information and check the car’s condition for you. All of the information we collect is transparently displayed on our website. Not to mention that every imperfection found is photographed, highlighted, and displayed.

mytukar view imperfections

We also include a 360° external and internal view of every car so you can view the car from the comfort of your home! Of course, you are welcome to test drive the car! Just come on down to one of our locations at Paradigm Mall or Puchong South!

View the car mytukar

After purchase, you also have 5 days to Test-to-Own, where you can refund the car within 5 days of purchase should you find it to be not for you!

So visit to find your dream car! As we are celebrating our 4th Anniversary, we are giving away a chance to win a Proton X70 Premium. So your car with myTukar and grab this once is a lifetime opportunity! Read more about it here! You have an existing car that you would like to take off your hands so you can welcome your new one? myTukar is also the platform to sell your used car easily and hassle-free!

Sell your car

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