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SUV Tyres: A Hidden Cost?

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Modern, good looking, and easy to drive, the SUV is what some would call a perfect car. Not to mention SUVs come in a variety of price ranges and brands, consumers are spoiled for choice. Combine this with similar power trains with sedans, one expects similar maintenance costs. That is true save for one exception: the tyre.

SUV Tyres are Costly

SUV Tyres

SUV tyres need to be better and tougher than sedan tyres for one simple reason: SUVs are heavier. As more weight means more pressure on a tyre, and if an SUV used sedan tyres, they would not last very long.

Hence, to ensure SUV tyres are able to do it’s job, it has several differences from the ubiquitous sedan tyres.

Size and Structure

SUV tyres are typically larger because they have wheel rims with larger diameters and wider cross-sections.

In terms of structure, SUV tyres also have to be tougher to take on rough roads/surfaces. As such, SUV tyres have thicker and stronger sidewalls with additional internal reinforcement.


SUVs are expected to be driven like sedans: comfortable, silent, and safe. These requirements mean SUV tyres need special rubber compounds to provide good traction and sound absorption.

That is why if you want to change your SUV tyres, expect a 40-100% higher costs just on the tyre. So, what does the cost actually look like?


Finally, scarcity drives up prices. Unlike the ubiquitous sedan tyres, there are fewer SUV tyres and all of them are likely to be from large companies like Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, and others. Therefore, prices are driven up by this.

Sedan Tyre Prices

Model Tyre Sizes Price Range (RM)/Tyre
Perodua Myvi 1.5 AV 185/55R15 170-230
Honda Accord 1.5L TC-P 235/45R18 360-440
Mercedes-Benz C200 225/45R18 380-640

SUV Tyre Prices

Model Tyre Sizes Price Range (RM)/Tyre
Perodua Ativa 205/60R17 440-480
Honda CR-V 1.5L TC-P 235/60R18 540-610
Mercedes-Benz GLC200 255/45R20 880-1280

If you compare the above prices within the same car brand, the prices can easily double. As such, first time buyers of SUVs may be shocked by the prices when they change their tyres for the first time as they wear out.

In sum, one must be mindful of the price tag that comes with an SUV, and not just on the whole car. Not to mention to remember to take care of your tyres, or you might have to change a flat on your own.

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