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What to do after an accident

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Accidents are a common thing in Malaysia, particularly with the growing number of cars on the road. Due to the quality of cars manufactured locally, accidents often turned fatal in a blink of an eye. Browse the net for local accident pictures involving local makes, most of the time you couldn’t even recognize it. According to the Road Transport Department (RTD) statistics, there were 533,875 road accidents in the 2019 and of these numbers, 6,740 cases were fatal.

On the local front, the RTD is working closely with several corporations to initiate frequent road safety campaigns to increase awareness, especially during festive season.  For some reason, Malaysian motorists need constant reminders about road safety from time to time. 

In this guide, we’ll share with you what to do if you’re involved in an accident or come across one. Firstly, remain calm and stop the car completely. Before you exit your car, remember to switch on the hazard lights especially if you’re in the middle of a busy traffic. If it’s in the middle of the night, it’s advisable to wear something bright or visible to allow others to see you. 

Next, calmly request the other driver to switch off the engine of his car and exit the car. Both of you should then evaluate the cars and the seriousness of the collision. Of course, make sure that everybody’s safe and uninjured. After the initial step, exchange relevant information with one another and take photos of the collision. There are two solutions: settle it between yourselves or call the police, report, and claim insurance for the damages.  If there are people injured on the scene, you should call the police or the nearest hospital immediately. 

Beware of ‘Vultures’ or miscellaneous tow truck people who miraculously appear on the scene! These ‘vultures’ will descend upon you literally like vultures, offering to tow your car to a nearby workshop or police station. Don’t ever fall prey to these vultures as it might cost you an arm or a leg for the towing service and repairs. In some reported cases, these vultures rob their customers clean. Most cars these days are covered by insurance and even manufacturer’s breakdown or road assistance services. The numbers provided on your windscreen stickers are the numbers you should have in your phone’s contact list.  If you face a typical vulture, simply tell the ‘vulture’ you don’t require any assistance and you’ve already called your mechanic or manufacturer.

Make a police report

If you called the police, wait for the patrol car and explain to the officers what happened as soon as they arrive. Usually, the offender will get a fine for causing the accident. After the initial survey by the police, the cars will be towed to the nearest station where both owners are required to make a police report for insurance claims. Once a police report has been made, the victim usually claims the insurance of the offender for damages. Thereafter, the offender will not have NCB (Non-claim Bonus) on their next annual insurance renewal. Before leaving the station, check and verify the police report and make sure to inform your insurance company. The insurance firm will need a copy of the police report to process payment for the damage repairs.  It usually takes about 2 weeks or less for insurance claims, depending on the insurance company’s policies. The workshop that does the repairs is usually appointed by the insurance company. In all, it could take up to a month before you’d see your car again.  

If you are at fault, you will be issued a summon which you can pay online!

Note: Towing costs to a station and workshop are always the responsibility of the owner; it’s advisable to negotiate. However, towing could be complimentary if it’s provided by the manufacturer’s road assistance service. Check with your manufacturer for your road assistance service, if necessary.    


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