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In view of the current MCO (Movement Order Control), Malaysians are advised to practice precautionary measures like social distancing, maintaining proper hygiene, avoiding mass assemblies and to stay at home. Be that as it may, there is still a need to drive out to get the necessary supplies and essentials. Those who are on the ‘Frontline’ need to take care of business, as usual.

Car Care

We cannot stress the importance of car cleanliness for everyone during the pandemic. There are more ways on how to turn your car into a clean and healthy space, not only during the MCO but also for the long run. 

First and foremost, surfaces you touch on a regular basis should be frequently disinfected. So this would be items such as the steering wheel, gear knob, door handles (both inside and outside), as well as the engine ‘push start’ button and car keys.

Recent studies show that the virus can survive for up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces. This suggests that the virus might be lingering on any surface of your car if not disinfected properly after human contact. Thus, it is important to wipe down all surfaces regularly, after each drive.

However, there are more areas to clean within the car. For instance, if the audio system comes with a touchscreen, the screen would be one area that needs regular cleaning. You can do so by using a soft cloth that has been lightly misted with car care product.

In addition, you should also periodically clean your car’s seats. However, take note that leather seats might not be suitable to be cleaned with disinfectants. The harsh chemicals might ruin the material causing discoloration and breakage. Hence, you should look for appropriate cleaning solutions that are designed for cleaning leather seats, and make sure that your seats are completely wiped dry to avoid stains and cracks on the leather.

Minimizing Contact within Your Car

One way to minimize unnecessary contact within your car is to fully utilize the available hands-free functions such as voice command, power tailgate with foot sensor (if available) and keyless entry, if your car comes with it.

An air purifier is a good thing to have in your car. With an air purifier, harmful gases, bad odour and airborne bacteria are eliminated so that the air within your cabin remains fresh. If your car doesn’t come with it, it’s a good idea to get one.

Lastly give your car a good vacuum after you’ve cleared out the rubbish in the car. Click here to find out how to better maintain your car or declutter it.

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