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How to Buy a Car with myTukar

Buying a car

Buying your car online can be intimidating. You can’t be sure of the people selling or even if you will get your car once you pay for it. However, myTukar is nothing like that. So, how do you buy your car with myTukar?

How to buy with myTukar

Browse the Website

Once on the website, you can view by price range, brand, year, mileage, body type, and transmission. From here, you can choose a car that you are interested in. Both the exterior and the interior of each and every car can be viewed in 360°.

Book a Test Drive

After viewing the car online, you might want to view the car in person or even get a feel of it. Just book a test drive and we will get in touch with you! For now, test drives can only be done at our Experience Centres at Paradigm Mall, One Utama, and Puchong South.

Buy Your Car

If you like a car but are still unsure about buying it, you can still reserve it. This way you can go for test drives without having to worry that the car will be bought by someone else! If you are satisfied with the car just proceed with the payment! If you need to take out a loan, no worries! myTukar can help you with that! Once the payment has been received, you can either pick up the car, or have the car delivered to you!

So that’s how you can buy a car with myTukar! Easy right?

Interested in buying a car? If you are interested in selling but are not sure how, read this article to learn how to sell your car!

Buying a car

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