How to be a Grab Driver during the Pandemic

This year is not an easy year to be a Grab driver. Soaring Covid-19 cases forced the government to implement a Full MCO (FMCO). Travel between districts is verboten and even intra-district travel has decreased. So here are some tips on how to be a Grab driver in Malaysia during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Masked driver
Being a Grab driver nowadays is not an easy task

As the number of people using E-hailing services drops, it pays to be more flexible. GrabCar plus and GrabCar Premium customers would be few and far between during this period, so sticking to a simple Grab Car driver increases the chances of obtaining a customer during the pandemic. You could also laminate your car’s MySejahtera code and hang it on the back of the front passenger seat so customers can get in and easily scan the QR code. This comfort could result in your customers giving you a five star rating.


sanitise car
Sanitse your car before picking up your next customer

Keep clean! Being a Grab driver in Malaysia now means sanitising your car before picking up the next customer to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Read this article to find out how to sanitise your car effectively. You could also add sanitisers in the back seat so customers can sanitse their hands after getting on board. They will also have a positive view of the cleanliness of the car and therefore are more likely to give you 5-Stars.


Being a Grab driver in Malaysia is no longer just about driving customers. Another option is to start picking up deliveries. Instead of waiting for a customer that are few and far between, why not start delivering food in between customers? You are more likely to find people who want their food delivered during lockdown. So switching to exclusively making deliveries during downtimes might be a good idea.

All in all, this FMCO means you need to adapt as a Grab driver and take what jobs you can, while ensuring your safety and that of your customers.

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