Drive or Grab to KLIA

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Whether you choose to drive or take a Grab to get to KLIA, you will need to get there.



If you pick the option to drive there, you can drive back in your own car. One of the major upsides would mean you don’t need to wait for a Grab. However, parking costs can be prohibitive.

Day Price (RM)
1-3 46
4 onwards 20
Parking Prices at LTCP.

So if you leave your car in the LTCP for five days, you would need to pay a total of RM 178 for parking. If you only park for three days it would be RM 138. You will also need to take fuel prices and tolls into account.

The main downside to parking is if you do not have the energy to drive. Fatigue from a long flight could prevent you from driving safely, so it might be wise to take a Grab instead.


The most obvious upside to grabbing is that you do not need to drive. The driver will also drop you off right at the departure hall, so you can head straight to the check-in counter. Taking a Grab is also generally cheaper.

Distance (km) JustGrab (RM) GrabCar Plus (RM) GrabCar 6-seater (RM) GrabCar Premium (RM) GrabCar Exec (RM)
<35 30-64 35-74 40-104 50-149 180
36-66 65 75 105 150 180
>67 >65 >75 >105 >150 180
Grab Prices to KLIA and KLIA2

Travelling both ways with Just Grab within the Klang Valley would be RM 60 at the cheapest. If you get a more premium Grab car or have a large number of passengers, you might have to hail more than one car, which can drive prices up. Driver availability could also be a concern, especially for large groups.


If it is a short trip (3 days or fewer) with many people, it can be better to drive to the airport yourself. For longer trips, Grab might be a better option. But if your group is large, you might need more than one Grab car. You will need to balance out price and convenience when you decide to drive or Grab to KLIA.

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