How to easily convert your foreign driving license in Malaysia

Do you have a foreign driving license? Do you dream of traversing the stunning landscapes of Malaysia, immersing yourself in its vibrant culture and embarking on thrilling road trips? The key to unlocking this driving adventure depends on converting your foreign driving license to a Malaysian one. Following the steps outlined in this article will enable you to drive legally in Malaysia with your new Malaysian driving license in no time!

Licenses you can obtain

Driving License

Regardless of the type of driving license you hold, you can only obtain car (class D) and motorbike (B) licenses. If you have possessed a driving license for more than 2 years, you will be given a competent driving license (CDL). Otherwise, you will receive a probationary driving license (PDL).

If you own a motorbike, you need to provide documents stating the motorbike’s cc with your application. This is so you can be issued the B2 license for motorbikes with less than 250cc.

Requirements to convert your foreign driving license

To convert your foreign driving licence to a Malaysian one, ensure that your foreign licence has over a year of validity remaining. If your foreign licence is not in English or Malay, obtain an official, notarised translation from your country’s embassy or the Malaysian Institute of Translation and Books. Additionally, prepare a few passport-sized images for the application process. By preparing these documents beforehand, you will be able to get your license quickly and smoothly.

List of documents you need:

You must also possess a valid passport and a permit to stay in the country. The required documents will differ depending on the reason you are in Malaysia.


Expat, Malaysia, foreign driving license

There are a variety of expats living in Malaysia, ranging those here to work to those making Malaysia their retirement home. Depending on the reason you choose Malaysia, you will need to provide the original and copy of one of these permits:

  • MM2H confirmation / Offer letter from the Immigration Department
  • Employment Pass (I and II only): Offer letter or confirmation letter from your employer
  • Residence pass or Talent Pass letter


If you are a foreign student, unfortunately only Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students with a student pass can apply to convert your foreign driving license. You will also need your confirmation letter from your university and a matric card aka your student ID. Here it is in a list:

  • Valid student pass
  • Confirmation letter
  • Student ID/Matric card

Married to a Malaysian

If you do not have the above permits but if you are married to a Malaysian, you can still convert your driving license. You will need to prepare the following documents instead of the permits:

  • Wedding certificate
  • Passport of spouse
  • MyKad of spouse

Note that if you are on a dependent pass, you will not be able to convert your driving license.


The following procedure to convert your foreign driving license to a local one is the same for foreigners living in Malaysia and for spouses of people living in Malaysia.

  1. Go to a Road Transport Department (JPJ) office with the aforementioned documents in hand. Your documents will be checked and you will be given an appointment.
  2. Return on the appointment date and submit all your documents as well as the copies. Your documents will be sent to Putrajaya for processing. This will cost you RM40.
  3. Although a decision will be made within 30 working days, you should follow up on the status of your application on the JPJ website as you will not be notified.
  4. Once your application is approved, go to the JPJ’s main office with a hard copy of the approval letter and a passport-sized photo. You can choose to get a driving license with a validity of 5 years and it will cost you RM30 per year. So a 5-year driving license will set you back RM150.

And that is how you can convert your foreign driving license in Malaysia. Just follow these steps and you should get your driving license in no time. If you already have a driving license but want to renew it, you can visit any JPJ branch. Note that only Malaysians can renew it at a PosLaju post office.

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