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What makes a myTukar Certified car As Good As New?

Used cars have a bad reputation, and many drivers are hesitant to part with good money for one. From lemons and unscrupulous dealers to potentially expensive repairs and a lack of transparency, buying a used car may seem like a gamble. But here’s how the as good as new myTukar Certified cars are a breed apart.

With a comprehensive and transparent system in place to ensure what you see is what you get, myTukar customers can be sure that they won’t be left owning a subpar car. In fact, it’ll be a car that is as good as new. We ensure quality and trustworthiness through three complementary aspects of our inspection: the methods, the specialists, and state-of-the-art techniques.

A comprehensive 160-point inspection

myTukar’s 160-point inspection is a thorough, full-body inspection and refurbishment process that tells us precisely what the condition of the car is. Our inspectors keep a lookout for imperfections that are telltale signs of repaired car accident damage. They are also trained to keep an eye out for unmistakable signs of flood and fire damage like rust and water stains or severe engine damage. If a car is found to have such damage, it will not be myTukar Certified.

Once the car passes the inspection, our technicians will take every car through our detailed repainting and rigorous refurbishment process to make them as good as new. Every imperfection will still be displayed transparently on our website, so you know what we have refurbished.

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State-of-the-art techniques

Acoustic engineering

For a more high-tech approach, myTukar uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence coupled with the largest engine sound database in Southeast Asia. This database has over 60,000 car sounds from 5 different regions which our AI uses to determine the health of a car. If there is a problem with the engine and belting, the AI can detect it simply by listening to a recording of the engine running! This is so precise, it can even detect the fuel type and car model! With about 450 new reports added to our database every day, our AI’s ability to recognise cars and detect potential problems continues to improve as more data is added!

Computer visioning

Our AI analyses more than just sound. To leverage our machine learning AI, our inspectors take photos of every car from every angle and upload them to our system. The AI will then analyse these images, looking for the telltale signs of scratches, dents, chips, and any other imperfections. The AI will generate a comprehensive report detailing all the imperfections and include both the location and type of damage. Our AI has gotten so good that it has an 80% accuracy when it comes to detecting damages of every kind!

At myTukar, we use a combination of high-tech techniques and the humble eye coupled with the most advanced techniques to find every imperfection. That way, we can ensure that we know everything about every car. Armed with this knowledge, we can refurbish them and guarantee that every myTukar Certified car is truly as good as new. By sharing what we know with you transparently on our website, you can rest assured that you can make the best decision when buying a myTukar Certified car.

Best-in-class capabilities, equipment, and spare parts

Spray paint, as good as new

Every car we take in goes through the same stringent and bespoke refurbishment process that is kept fully in-house. Coupled with the highest-grade equipment and OEM quality spare parts, we’re confident of delivering quality cars that are As Good As New.

For example, all myTukar Certified cars are refurbished and restored using only the best paint available, and that is Nippon Paint. Yes, Nippon Paint also makes automotive paint with the same diligence and quality they are known for! With Nippon Paint, myTukar guarantees the finest coatings to provide both good looks and protection, enhancing your car’s lifespan.

Even so, the paint has to be first produced to specification, be it the original car’s colour or the owner’s preferred colour. To ensure an exact match, we will first complete colour matching. Our in-house paint experts do this by mixing small amounts of paint and comparing them to the requested colour. This is done repeatedly until the test batch perfectly matches the requested colour. Only then does our expert produce an entire batch of paint for application.

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Certified specialists

myTukar Certified cars, inspection
An inspector ascertaining the car’s functionality.

A comprehensive inspection is only as good as the people assessing it. That is why every one of our inspectors, mechanics, spray painters, upholsterers, etc. are not only certified in their own expertise, but they also pass our stringent in-house tests. This professionalism is critical to our refurbishment process, as our mechanics and technicians use this information to refurbish our cars so they are as good as new.

Every one of our inspectors also goes through a thorough training process that ensures standardisation and quality in our processes. At the end of the training period, the trainees must pass a test before they are certified and undergo refresher courses twice a year. In this way, our inspectors’ skills remain sharp and are informed of improving industry standards.

Not convinced? Visit one of our showrooms to see what a myTukar Certified car is like yourself! Or browse our website for a car you like and book a test drive and experience what it means to be as good as new.

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