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Articles Proton Iriz and Persona FL unveiled by Malaysian Prime Minister

Proton Iriz and Persona FL unveiled by Malaysian Prime Minister



National Carmaker Proton unveiled the long-awaited Iriz and Persona facelifted versions at the Malaysia Autoshow 2019 at MAEPS, Serdang.  The National car brand gave Proton’s founder and current Malaysian Prime Minster Tun Mahathir the honors to unveil the cars at the show.

The buzz regarding these two Proton facelifted cars have been circulating among prominent auto media outlets for a few months. In a nutshell, both models are gifted the look of the X70 SUV, the precursor to future Proton cars when it comes to the exterior. Before the unveiling, Proton has already embarked in plenty of weekend roadshows at various hotspot venues.

For those who are still clueless about the Persona and Iriz FL; both cars have been endowed with the X70 impression, a collaborative effort between Geely and Proton. If you look closely at either compacts, you’d notice a mini X70 with the so-called ‘ethereal bow’ and ‘infinite weave’ pattern on the front grille. Both cars come with a fresh bumper (front and rear) and wheels.

The cabin of both cars is identical with a fancy head unit (only Premium 1.6AT), a first-in-class feature that uses an embedded eSIM card, and a 7-inch full-color touchscreen to enable music streaming, navigation and mirror screen. Even voice recognition Is part of the deal.

Aside from the styling highlights and interior features, the development team made a number of improvements to both cars that improve quality and the overall ownership experience. For the Proton Iriz, 367 improvements were implemented while for the Persona, 303 improvements have been made to various parts.

According to Proton, it took 18 months to refresh the Iriz and Persona. And since the market announcement there are some 8,000 bookings

With the resurgence of the brand, network of outlets and new 3S/4S dealerships have sprung up like wild flowers to better serve current owners. 

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